Penfine Needles
Penfine needles from Dongbao are the finest insulin pen needles available in the world, offering nearly painless injection experience and maximum comfort.

  1. Simple "click-on" attachment for universal fit.
  2. The Dongbao Penfine Needle can be twisted on the Dongbao Pen as desired.
  3. Dongbao is among the few suppliers of 10mm needles.
  4. In order to guarantee the safety and the best result, Dongbao Penfine needles shall be used together with Dongbao insulin delivery system.
  1. Use each needle only once.
  2. Change your injection site regularly to prevent the tissue cirrhosis.
  3. Twist off the needle after each injection. It will prevent accidental injury, keep air out of the cartridge and protect the needle from becoming clogged.
  4. Put the used needle into the needle cap and dispose of it safely.
  5. Choose the type of needle according to your physician's / health care team's advice.
  6. Always refer to the Instruction. (Available in the form of PDF, which requires the Acrobat Reader. You can click the icon to download.)

Specifications of Dongbao Penfine Needles

Specification Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Note
31G 6 0.25  
8 0.25  
29G 10 0.33 Specially made
12 0.33