Dongbao Electronic Pen

  1. Dongbao pen is an injection aid incorporating the latest advances in technology.
  2. It has a digital window to show the dosage clearly and accurately.
  3. It is easy to operate and guarantees accurate dosage. As you turn the dosage knob, you get one unit at each step. You can easily preset your dose from 1 to 60 IU.
  4. In order to guarantee the safety and the best result, Dongbao Pen shall be used together with Dongbao insulin delivery system.


  1. Always check before each injection whether the Dongbao Pen contains the right type of insulin to be injected.
  2. Always expel any air, with the Dongbao pen needle pointing upwards, before each injection.
  3. If using longer acting (cloudy) insulin, you will need to shake the Dongbao Pen in up and down manner at least 10 times before each injection.
  4. The needle should be removed immediately after each injection. If the needle is not removed, temperature changes mayresult in expelling of liquid from the cartridge as well as a change in the insulin concentration (strength) in the use of intermediate-acting or long-acting (cloudy) insulin.
  5. Read and follow the instructions attached to your Dongbao Pen (electronic) and Dongbao insulin cartridges. (The instruction of automatic pen is available in the form of PDF, which requires an Acrobat Reader. You can click the icon to download.)
Specifications of Dongbao Penfine Needles

Specification Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Note
31G 6 0.25  
8 0.25  
29G 10 0.33 Specially made
12 0.33